A Few Points of Interest... And Pictures!

Once again, it's painfully obvious how I've let myself completely slack off as far as posting to the blog is concerned. Here's an attempt and a promise to remedy that with a quick catch-up on some personally noteworthy bits that may or may not present a short recap of 2012 so far. So, what did I do with life other than studying and angsting quite obsessively about things like future careers and eeking out time to write along with the craziness that comes with being a full-time student and full time employee/night-owl?

Well, first the really cool thing happened and somehow my university seems to have recognized my brilliance and showered me with some monies. Well, enough monies to pay for my last year of studying to join the ranks of the army in the War Against Stupid, otherwise known as teachers. So, yay!

Also, the other really, really cool thing was that I got to go back to Europe and travel for a bit. It involved less writing than I had hoped, but I got some words in while I was home in Germany. Writing outside and in front of some really cool scenery -- and churches and castles, must not forget the castles!

From there I hopped the Channel to London to meet up with the lovely Parametric and we embarked on a fabulous writing retreat with Helen Corcoran, which took us from rainy London:

To green Ireland, where Dublin definitely became one of my favorite places.
And the three of us drove out to quiet Galway, where we rented a cozy cottage to do all the writings:
 Yes, writings:


 Stared down cliffs...
Stormed castles...
 And enjoyed sunny weather at rocky beaches.
Back in London, we also met up with the lovely S. A. Meade:
And I proceeded to get ridiculously sick, which sadly clogged up my writer brain, but I got to write and read here, while Parmetric mocked me my excessive consumption of tea in the parlor.

Anyway, I recovered and what do you know, a month later I actually finally, finally finished my epic, never-ending rewrite of EMPIRE OF LIGHT, which then promptly got the beta treatment. Well, okay, first, I properly indulged in some well-deserved victory ice cream.

And pancakes (because there just had to be pancakes for this book).

And now? Well, now that my wonderfully talented betas have gotten back to me with ALL the feedback, I'm plunging into tweaks and edits, which not only sparked a sequel for EMPIRE OF LIGHT, along with a *gasp!* short story prequel, I'm also idly tinkering with something new entirely, a novel that I can only summarize as "steampunk Firefly with vampires" under the working title LEVITICUS.

Here's hoping that I will actually get to dive into some new stuff soon. In the meantime, my screen is back to crazy, flailing editing mode and Nazca cat is prowling for post-it notes.