2016 Goals

Okay, I'm generally not much of a New Year's Resolutions person, but research (meaning mainly my own neurotic anal-retentiveness) shows that you're more likely to stick to goals when you write them down--and in my case share them with others. So here are my goals for 2016:

Reading and Writing:

  • Read 100 books. Follow my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge here. I'm also attempting the Book Riot 2016 Read Harder Challenge, because it looks awesome and I always want to push myself to read more.


  • Finish and edit Mental Note. I'm in a place where I need to prioritize writing more and I'm hoping to at least finish this new project in 2016.

Health and Fitness:

  • Maintain my workout schedule of at least three Bolly X/Zumba classes per week. This is really working for me and I've found that it really helps me deal with stress better along with other obvious health benefits, not to mention that it's fun, so I'm planning to keep it up.

Happiness and Self-Care:

  • Love my body. This one is a hard one and definitely an on-going challenge. Yes, I want to loose 15-20 lbs, but I also realize that it's really my relationship to my body that is causing all kinds of issues and insecurities for me personally, so my goal is to work on that and become a more body positive person who is happy with how I look like and overall more confident.
  • Stress less. Kick that pesky Impostor Syndrome to the curb. Talk about on-going battles, but I think what's in my control here is to make sure that I have at least an hour every day where I can focus on whatever I need to do for myself. Write without fear. Read hard, that kind of thing. I'll try to be more conscious of my stress level and of whenever I might be self-sabotaging.
  • Learn to say no. This is one that I have to remind myself often. For every two times I say "yes," the third needs to be a firm "no." And more importantly, I need to stop feeling bad about it when I do say no. I can do this. People won't hate me. Probably. Please.

Finances and General Adulting:

  • Pay off my credit cards. This has been an on-going challenge, but my goal is to have this done by March. I want to get into the habit of only using credit cards to build credit (meaning, use them and pay them off immediately.)
  • Actually save up money. You know, now that we're being adults, owning a house and whatnot, savings would be nice for things like appliances, repairs, and other gloriously scary adulting.
  • Figure out Masters Degree Scholarships/Financial Aid. My goals is to take out as few student loans for my Masters as possible, so hopefully I can drudge up some essay grants/scholarships, etc.
  • Start that Master's Degree. Oh, yeah, summer, you are daunting me. But my goal is to balance this with everything else and still have time to write and read veraciously.

Life, the Universe, and Everything:

  • Live authentically, to the best and fullest of my abilities. Because that's always a good goal and sometimes I very much need to live in the moment a little more and dare to be myself in all aspects of my life. Life tends to be so much better that way and in the end it makes me a better wife, friend, and person.

Okay, that's quite a list, covering quite a few aspects of my life, but that's how it goes. Here's to working on each of them a little bit every day.

Also, I'm continuing my tradition of the Awesome Jar (some call this a Joy Jar) in which I write down any happy thing that happens in 2016 on a sticky note and drop it into the jar throughout the year (my goal for 2016 is to write a note per day, even, or especially, about the little happies in life). Then, on NYE, we open the jar and go over all the happy memories. It's pretty cool to watch the jar fill up and review all the happy memories, big and little, at the end of the year.


Anyway, that's it for me. What are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments.