Accountability Roundup: What I wrote and read in April

After March I had to seriously step up my game. Fortunately, things both started to wind down and speed up in April: with the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference, birthday parties, and lots of school stuff it's been a busy month, but it's also been an invigorating one. I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite writing peeps and met new authors who inspired me, some of them telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I also decided to participate in CampNaNoWriMo with my local writing group, which might just have given me the additional push I needed to get some serious wordage in. I fell just a little short of my initial goal of 20,000 words, but I came pretty damn close.

2016-05-01 09.01.47


  • Goal: 500 words/day
  • Total word goal for February: 20,000
  • Total Words written: 18,488
  • Total writing days: 17
  • Average words/writing day: 1,088
  • Best writing day: April 24 (2,249 words)

The current draft of Mental Note, the working title of my Lesbian Agent Carter with monsters novel is at past 62k right now and I'm back on track to finish this by May 31, which is great, given that I am both wrapping up this school year and starting my master's degree at the end of this month. So, yes, I've got my work cut out for me, but outlining and occasional plot brainstorming sessions really help not only to keep me on track, but also excited about what comes next. This novel is a twisty one and I'm already looking forward to all the changes and polishes I can add once this draft is finished.


So that's it for April. I've already finished reading my first book for May, but now I need to go get the words in. The end of this draft is in sight. Trying to keep it at around 80,000, so I have about 18,000 words to go this month.

And since shared goals make for higher accountability, what are your goals for this month? Share them with me in the comments and let's do this!

Happy Writing!