We Need Diverse Books: Especially in our Classrooms.

book-rainbow-01-e1325017684748 Every year I make a list of diverse books that I want to add to my classroom library.

I teach at a school with a very diverse student population and it's easily my favorte thing about what I do.

I've found that handing the right book to the right student--especially those who thought they aren't or never could see themselves represented in a book ever--is one of the most important connections I can make with a student. Diverse books make a difference in the lives of my students every day.

Just last year I had a student come to me enraged and disappointed because she wasn't able to find any books with queer girl main characters. I was able to hand her a few I had on hand, but this has definitely been a bit of a gap on my classroom shelf as well. Same for books about trans or genderqueer characters. I have a few I love and hand out often, but there's always more I feel I can do.

This year I want to expand my list especially as far as queer characters, POC, and characters with disabilities are concerned.

So here's a list of 25 diverse books I want to add to my classroom library in 2016/17:

Of course I feel like I've totally forgotten some. Drop me a comment with any other suggestions, please!

I'm especially looking for any YA featuring Polynesian characters. If you have ideas, please share them with me.