Things that inspire me: Office Edition

I love seeing where people write. It's probably linked to a serious guilty pleasure obsession of HGTV, but still. For #PitchWars participants have been posting their writing spaces using the #showusyourspace hashtag, which inspired this post, because my office is hands-down my favorite place in my house. It's where I write, where I read, and where I always find new inspiration. So this is where I write:

Yes, my house could easily double as an IKEA showroom, but that's another story. The rainbow bookshelves are a fairly recent addition, because I needed to reorganize them and my art teacher friends enabled me to throw the alphabet by the wayside.

Also, yes, I probably have way too much fun adding random nerdy bits to this office, but can you blame me?

And in the vein of inspiration and things that I have just way too much fun with, creating cool novel aesthetics are another thing on my list of visual things that inspire me--with the added benefit of giving me great character and setting references for the WIPs I am working on.

Here is the aesthetic for my current project, Mental Note, the Lesbian Agent Carter with monsters novel about a special agent who doesn't remember firing the shot that killed her partner, who, in order to solve a murder she is convinced she didn't commit has to team up with the very monsters she swore to protect her city from:

Mental Note Aesthetic

Sometimes it's really hard for me to find the right actor or reference photo, but with this one, they were just right there and perfect, especially Samira Wiley as Jesse, I mean, come on.

Because I've had so much fun with this--and because I finally found a reference for Damian!!--I also made an aesthetic for Empire of Light, my Gay Firefly with magic novel about an assassin who has to take down the empire that killed his friends and kidnapped the guy he loves:

Empire of Light Aesthetic

These are my few pieces of inspiration today. A special shout-out to Claribel Ortega who started the #owmvoicesaesthetics that kicked off all the novel aesthetics-making!

Do you have specific things that never fail to inspire you? Show me your writing spaces and/or novel aesthetics! I'd love to see them!

Cheers and happy writing!