Let's talk about accountability! #WeeklyWritingGoals

weeklywritinggoals Okay, I am probably not the only one slightly thrown by the end of 2016 and the start of the new year. Still, apologies for the impromptu blogging hiatus as I had to prioritize writing for a bit.

Be that as it may, January 2017 if already half over and many a lofty new year's resolution probably already lapsed. Let's make sure writing doesn't go the way of half-hearted new year's resolutions--especially for those of us who have deadlines to uphold.

I'm a huge goal-setter and a bit of an accountability junkie myself, so here's something new I want to try and I'd love for people to join me in sharing their weekly writing goals. The idea is loosely based on the Agile project management approach in which instead of setting a daily goal, you instead break goals into manageable weekly project goals, just in case you have a day where writing does have to take the backseat.

In 2017, I will still do monthly accountability roundups at the end of each month, but I'll supplement that with brief weekly check-ins. I'm expanding this to Twitter and Facebook using the #WeeklyWritingGoals tag and invite you all to join me.  The whole point is that it's quick, easy, and communal so we can all cheer each other in. I'll post my goals and checkins every Monday but feel free to use whatever day best works for you. Just tag it with #WeeklyWritingGoals

My #WeeklyWritingGoals for January 16-22 are: 

  • Add 7k in revisions/rewrites to MENTAL NOTE, my Bi Agent Carter WIP
  • Outline and begin drafting the sequel to EMPIRE OF LIGHT, tentatively titled REPUBLIC OF SHADOWS (This will be my side project as time allows; I'm planning to get the first chapter or so drafted by Sunday.)

What are your #WeeklyWritingGoals? Share them with me on Twitter (follow @AlexHarrowSFF), FB or in a comment here.

Happy Writing and see you next week!