#WeeklyWritingGoals January 23-29


Hey, everyone! It's Monday, so here's my quick check-in on my #WeeklyWritingGoals of last week and an update on what I'm planning for this week.

Check-in: January 16-22

Last week, I wrote just under 6,000 words, falling roughly 1k short of my goal of 7k.

I did start revising my sequel side project, so calling this is win.

#WeeklyWritingGoals: January 23-29

  • By Sunday, January 29, I will add 7k to my current WIP, MENTAL NOTE
  • By Sunday, January 29, I will revise the first chapter of my side sequel project and expand my outline based on my synopsis.

What is everyone else planning for this week? Share your goals in the comments or use #WeeklyWritingGoals on Twitter.

Cheers and Happy Writing!