Come, join me at the League of Writers Spring Conference!


I'm super excited to be presenting my class on "How to Nail your Synopsis with the Snowflake Method" and co-present on "Writing the Other" with J.T. Moore at the League of Utah Writers Spring Conference on April 8 from 11 to 6 at the Taylorsville Salt Lake Community College campus. You can find the full schedule and register here.

Tickets are $25 for League of Utah Writers members, $50 for non-members, and $75 at the door, so get your tickets early! It's an awesome program for writers of all levels.


My Schedule for #LUW2017:

  • 12: 30: "Nailing Your Synopsis with the Snowflake Method"

  • 1:30: "Writing the Other" with J.T. Moore

I'm super excited to teach both of these classes. The Snowflake Method is close to my heart and an absolute essential in the way I plot, but it truly became a lifesaver for me when combined with some other ideas to develop a great way to write my synopsis--especially since I tend to write the synopsis first, both so I know where I'm going with a project and because it's a huge help to my awesome agent to provide feedback and figure out the right editor for this.

Writing the Other originated as both a bit of a rant between the amazing J.T. and me as well as the constant question of, "So, should I write diverse characters even though I myself am not sharing the same background?" The short answer? Yes. The longer answer? Do your homework and do it well. This class is meant to serve as a start to get writers on the right track.

So, come see me and everyone else of the awesome #LUW2017 faculty. See you April 8!

Cheers and happy writing!