This week’s news roundup!

  1. Missed my first newsletter? Check it out below!


I know, I know, this has been WAY too long in the making, but I finally sent out my first newsletter today. If you missed it, you can check it out here and sign up for upcoming updates here and get news, current projects, and queer book recs directly to your inbox!

2. Check out my interview on Carrie Pack’s Bi Sci Fi Podcast!

Okay, so I already mentioned that being a guest on podcasts is my new favorite thing ever, so I’m super excited to share my very first podcast interview with the lovely Carrie Pack on her Bi Sci Fi podcast here. I had a ton of fun chatting about Empire of Light, labels, and finding community both among writers and queer peeps in general. We also talk about #QueerSpec and book recs!

Also, check out the rest of the episode to hear Lex Chase talk about mental health and better mental health representation. Thanks so much, Carrie, for having me and making my first ever podcast interview awesome (even though Luna Cat totally started screaming in the background at some point. Because she is a cat and demands to be heard.)

EOL Cover.jpg

3. EMPIRE OF LIGHT ARCS ARE HERE and you can snag one and become part of The Harrowing, my awesome review and street team!

There’s just a special kind of elation mixed with panic to have your book’s advanced reader’s copies (ARCs) out in the world. So, if you want to contribute both my excitement and my terror, you can snag an early copy of Empire of Light on Netgalley or sign up for my review team, The Harrowing here. I’d love to have you on board to make this launch awesome!

Warnings: graphic violence (including shootings, beatings, tasing, mild gore, depictions of a hanging, and an execution by burning), explicit sexual content (including mentions of sex work, a sexual relationship that begins in a negotiated contract for sexual services, and on- and off-page descriptions of explicit sexual situations involving bondage, control, mild pain play, and Dominant/submissive dynamics), trauma (including allusion to past physical and sexual abuse, and a depiction of a panic attack), deaths of supporting characters (including a young teen, mentions and depiction of assisted suicide, and one queer character who is a person of color), as well as substance abuse (alcohol, smoking, drugs, and a mention of an overdose)

4. Come to my launch party and signing with fellow debut fantasy author Sarah Chorn on March 1st!


If you’re on Facebook, you can RSVP to the public event here! There will be readings, a Q&A and awesome swag!


5. Want the eBook of EMPIRE OF LIGHT three days early? Preorder it directly from NineStar Press!

In case you missed it, you can pre-order the digital version of Empire of Light directly from NineStar Press and get it three days before publication. Links to preorders on other retailers and print copies coming soon!