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Books with Queer Protagonists

This page contains lists of books with main characters across the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum that I have personally read. Click each link to open a list for each category. Lists are alphabetized by author. Each category is split into Adult and Young Adult recommendations. Asterisks (*) by an author's name indicates the book is ownvoices, meaning written by an author who identifies as the same as one or more of their characters. Note that I am only noting ownvoices books by authors who are publicly out. I will update each of these lists as I read. My TBR is staggering and I might be missing quite a lot, so feel free to leave me comments with any recommendations for each category, since I am always on the lookout to read and support queer books, especially ownvoices.

Some books may be on more than one list. Note that I am not including content warnings, so check out Goodreads reviews for specific content warnings.

  • Books with Lesbian Protagonists

  • Books with Gay Protagonists

  • Books with Bisexual Protagonists

  • Books with Trans* (including nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, and intersex characters)

  • Books with Queer Rep (includes supporting characters)

  • Books with Asexual and/or Aromantic Protagonists